Creators Edit

Dr Hare (Jordan Leary)

Captain Crawfish

Shark Boy (Nate Greenwall)

Black Widow

Binary Bard

Hazmat the Hermit (Justin Lacy)

Vlad the Viking

Director D (James Lema)

Master Mime

Thirsty Whale (inactive)


Hades (Mitch Krpata)

Add Them Edit

Dr Hare - JordanLeary

Hazmat the Hermit - JustinLacy

Thirsty Whale - ThirstyWhaleCreator

Shark Boy - SharkGuyCreator

Director D - DirectorDcreator1

Black Widow - BlackWidowCreator

Hades - HadesCreator1

Binary Bard - BinaryBard

Captain Crawfish - CaptainCrawfishCreator

Triton - TritonCreator

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